Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Craptastic sitcoms of my youth..A look at american TV shows that I remember too fondly but shouldnt

My youth was spent watching great u.s sitcoms but thanks to early 90s satellite TV stations we got some wonderfully craptastic ones too but what the hell I love them anyway.

MY TWO DADS..Wait what was this show about again?

BLOSSOM..Ok I admit it, I really loved Blossom in which bad fashion and Joey Lawrence collide and yes I also admit to owning one of those god-awful hats with the flowers on the front in which I apologise.

OUT OF THIS WOLRD..The only thing I really remember about this show is this theme song

FULL HOUSE..I am going to lose all cool points here but this show was my freakin obsession in my youth, yes it was over-sickly and not that funny but I loved it and I thought D.J tanner had the best hair ever. I even had the board game but lets not talk about that

NIGHT COURT..Ok this show was actually very good and one of my favourites as a kid and Dan Fielding is still one of my all time favourite TV characters

THE FACTS OF LIFE..Holy bad-mullets Batman its another favorite of mine, Damn I so wanted to be cool like Jo minus the bad hair and it also has a pre-hot George Clooney for this season too. It also contained an 80s sitcom trait which is a catchy theme tune.

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  1. Blossom! I had the *biggest* crush on "Six" back in the day.