Saturday, 28 February 2009

40 most overrated things EVER

It seems eons since I last wrote a blog so my this one I stole from James Gunn and decided to write my own version on the most overrated things ever (yes I know gunns was 100 but what the hey)

40..Bob Dylan

39..Laurel and Hardy




35.. Green Tea

33..M.A.C makeup


31.. REM

30..South Park

29..Ben and Jerrys

28..The Blackberry
27..Perez Hilton

26..Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf



23..Whole Foods

21..This is Spinal Tap

20..Seth MacFarlane

19..The Sopranos

18..Brad Pitt

17..Mamma Mia

16..Lord of The Rings

14..The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


12..30 Rock

11..Homer Simpson



8..Hugh Jackman

7..Mad Men

6..Monty Python

5..In n Out Burger

4..The Sex Pistols

2..David Beckham

1...The Beatles

Monday, 16 February 2009

Lets go to the mall by Robin Sparkles

Ok so this video has been out for a while and I,m sure most people have seen it but damn it I friggin love this so I,m posting it again.
If this song doesnt get imprinted into your brain there is something wrong with you. P.S I know where I,ve being wrong at the mall, its not having a robot with me.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

25 Random things about me

Since no-one tagged me on FB to do this stupid I mean interesting list I thought I would use my blog to do it instead.

1.I drink a can of Red Bull every morning
2.MGMTs 'Time to pretend' is my favorite song of recent years
3.I dye my hair on a regular basis but I like being a redhead most
4.My desktop wallpaper is of Castiel from SPN
5.My favourite place I have ever visited is Los Angeles
6.I sometimes put on an aussie or cockney accent for no reason
7.I feel naked without my IPOD
8.I have never seen a 'godfather' film
9.I ignore most requests on facebook, (sorry those who send them me)
10.I am a twitter-holic
11.I only drink JD or scotch when I go out
12.I have no allergies
13.My favorite 80s film is The Goonies
14.I have a great fear of flying
15.My favorite book is Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger
16.I hate disco music
17.I wear converse pretty much every day
18.I have 2 sisters
19.I am learning the 'american accent' for my acting classes
20.I prefer Sawyer over Jack
21.I used to have a crush on Bill Murray in the 80s
22.I want to drive an impala when I get my licence
23.Dean Winchester is one of my favorite TV characters in recent years
24.I want to see the Bellagio Fountains in LV
25.I would like to have seen the Sherman Oaks Galleria circa 1984

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Possibly the best character on tv in recent years...Murray Hewitt

Sorry guys, I,m having a lazy blog day today so I,m just gonna post another video, this is Murray 'gingerballs' hewitts best moments from Flight Of The Conchords

Dean Winchester ruined other men for me...(warning)May cause certain women to have gutter thoughts

I am taking my sensible hat off for a minute to bring you this blog.

As a 30 year old I think I should know better then to get caught up in the phenomenom that is the character of Dean Winchester from TVs Supernatural. But why why why do I not. So here are a few reasons why he did in fact ruin other men for me.

Firstly he is a good looking dude, he really is even without having sex-hair but thats not the main reason.
Are smart cars sexy? Hell (no pun intended)NO, 67 chevy impalas are basically sex on wheels. P.S I would allow an Ipod jack, sorry dean.
Lets delve more into the Dean winchester Sense of humor, yes his blue steel is better than Ben Stillers ever will be but his sarcasm shines through and so does his liking of Frisky women..and on that note
Now for the serious stuff..DW has been through some tough times and well it doesnt come much tougher than being sent to hell and being saved by the hot-sex haired holy tax account/Angel Castiel...hmmm gutter thoughts arising, sorry back to the subject.
After all this dean still remains a fighter and protector for his family but also vunerability plays a main key in his personality and a sense of wanting to save dean is mostly what girls would like to do amongst others things.
Above all, Dean winchester is a good guy, he isnt overly nice but isnt a bad-ass too. he is somewhat a little of everything with a love of classic rock and that is why he ruined other men for me oh and maybe stuff like this helps too

Every film should start like this

Yes dudes, its the beginning to 'adventures in babysitting' hey remember when your babysitter took you out, got you kidnapped,Got you involved in a gang fight, made you sing a crap song in a blues club, left you hanging from a skyscraper? Damn those were good times.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Waiting for a Lost for Dummies Book AKA Does knowing whats going on make a difference

I love Lost, no I really do love it, It is possibly one of the greatest tv programmes of all time but alas I dont understand what the hell is going on.
I,m not a Lost theorist by anymeans, I,m happy to take it as it is but should I really care about the time-travel? should I really care about the Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet hoopla? Should I really care that Hurley cant say a sentence without saying 'dude'?
Can you actually watch lost and enjoy the experience without taking it apart and analysing or is it just one of those shows you need to know what is going on after all?