Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dean Winchester ruined other men for me...(warning)May cause certain women to have gutter thoughts

I am taking my sensible hat off for a minute to bring you this blog.

As a 30 year old I think I should know better then to get caught up in the phenomenom that is the character of Dean Winchester from TVs Supernatural. But why why why do I not. So here are a few reasons why he did in fact ruin other men for me.

Firstly he is a good looking dude, he really is even without having sex-hair but thats not the main reason.
Are smart cars sexy? Hell (no pun intended)NO, 67 chevy impalas are basically sex on wheels. P.S I would allow an Ipod jack, sorry dean.
Lets delve more into the Dean winchester Sense of humor, yes his blue steel is better than Ben Stillers ever will be but his sarcasm shines through and so does his liking of Frisky women..and on that note
Now for the serious stuff..DW has been through some tough times and well it doesnt come much tougher than being sent to hell and being saved by the hot-sex haired holy tax account/Angel Castiel...hmmm gutter thoughts arising, sorry back to the subject.
After all this dean still remains a fighter and protector for his family but also vunerability plays a main key in his personality and a sense of wanting to save dean is mostly what girls would like to do amongst others things.
Above all, Dean winchester is a good guy, he isnt overly nice but isnt a bad-ass too. he is somewhat a little of everything with a love of classic rock and that is why he ruined other men for me oh and maybe stuff like this helps too

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  1. you have great taste! Dean is absolutely awesome!

    His one liners always get me, every time